Rapax 300 sol v2

Code 3.027347
Capacity (litre) 270
Heating pump nominal power output kW 1,65
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 1960 x 625 x 678
Refrigerant gas R134A
COP 15°C 3,41
COP 7°C 2,84



The new RAPAX SOL V2 heat pump water heaters can completely eliminate the use of gas for domestic hot water because they apply the same principle as heat pumps.
This is one of the new, effective solutions designed by Immergas to make the best use of renewable energy sources. RAPAX heat pump water heaters have a 270 litre insulated enamelled steel storage tank and can be installed even in a garage, laundry or storeroom.
The RAPAX V2 range is ideal when renovating and creating heating systems in detached houses to produce domestic hot water with renewable energy sources. It is an excellent alternative to solar energy and can be used in systems designed for operation without gas for the production of domestic hot water and, combined with a heat pump, to provide air conditioning.
The RAPAX 300 SOL V2 version has been designed to supplement DHW production with a forced-circulation solar heating system connected to the special fittings of the bottom coil RAPAX SOL V2 is also equipped with specific features to enhance performance of the photovoltaic system.



- MAGIS COMBO technical sheet